Antiplatelet therapy - choose aspirin!

Aspirin is the most widely studied antiplatelet drug. On the basis of >100 randomized trials in high-risk patients, aspirin is shown to reduce vascular death by ~15% and non-fatal vascular events by ~30%(1)

Ideal dosage - choose 100mg!

The indirect comparisons reported in the overview of Antithrombotic Trialists Collaboration summarised 12 trials with a total of 6,776 high risk patients, confirmed that doses between 75-150 mg daily reduced vascular events by 26-38%. Doses over 160 mg reduced these odds by up to 22% according to another 53 trials (48,964 patients) while doses less than 75 mg dropped to as low as 5% evidenced by 3 trials and 3,655 patients (1)

Administration - choose "regular" Aspirin!

The oral bioavailability of regular aspirin tablets is ~40% to ~50% over a wide range of doses. A considerably lower bioavailability has been reported for enteric-coated tablets and for sustained-release, microencapsulated preparations.(3) Enteric-coated formulations do not modify the risk of upper gastrointestinal complications in the general population of low-dose aspirin.(4)

Affordability - choose MYOPRIN!

Myoprin 100 mg Tablets are the most affordable low dose aspirin available and are supplied in a convenient quality monthly pack with with easy-to-tear foil packaging(5)